The lockdown definitely took a bad toll on the migrant workers and since the public transport remained unavailable, they resorted to walking or cycling hundreds and thousands of kilometers. The story of a 15-year-old girl, Jyoti Kumari Paswan, cycling from Delhi to Darbhanga in Bihar while towing her injured father went viral in no time. The little girl cycled for almost 1,200 kilometers in a span of just a week and was lauded for her efforts.

Farah Khan has offered to sponsor her education. After speaking to a people, she figured out a way to contact Jyoti and is ready to sponsor her education every year. Since Farah was not available for comment, an industry insider spoke about it to a leading daily and said that Farah is willing to sponsor both her younger siblings’ education too. Jyoti had said that she stopped going to school two years ago due to financial restraints and is planning to resume it after the lockdown ends.

Farah Khan has figured out the best way to help out Jyoti and her family.

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